Stunning Photos of 1960s Greece in Black and White


Wolf Suschitzky was one of the most famous photographers and cinematographers in the world. He was born in Vienna in 1912 and emigrated to London in 1935. He travelled the world and captivated thousands of subjects with his affectionate eye and kind soul for more than seven decades.

In 1960s he visited Greece and captured scenes from social events, everyday life, rural habits and Greek traditions. The photographs were mostly taken on the island of Skiathos with a few from his subsequent visits to Hydra and Athens.


Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

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Pic 8

Pic 10

Pic 11

Pic 12

Pic 13

Pic 14

Pic 15

Pic 16

Pic 17

Pic 18

Pic 19

Pic 20

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