Welcome to the most reputable fair in Nottingham: The Goose Fair


The Goose Fair takes place every year in Nottingham in the Forest Recreation Ground. This year started from 30 September and continues until 4 October.

Final Wheel 2

It’s a festival with more than 700 years of history known for the high-quality cheese. However, today is known for games and rides. The Nottingham City Council offers discount coupons of 50p each to encourage people to visit the fair.

The festival this year was really busy! There was a big crowd who enjoyed the rides and the food cantinas!

Most of the games/ rides cost around £3-4 per person.

Final 1 Children

Children rides for our young friends

Final Children 2

Final Adults Collage

Adult rides

Who wants to hook ducks?

Who wants to hook ducks and gain prizes?

Minions paradise !!!

Minions paradise !!!

Yammi food !

Yammi food ! Burgers, Hot dogs, Chips with cheese ,Marshmallows… and much more !

Final Wheel

I was there !!

I was there !!

I really enjoyed my time in the Goose Fair. Don’t miss the chance to visit it next year.

Are there any famous Festivals in your city/ country?

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