Wee trip to Edinburgh


“A wee trip to Edinburgh”


A few days ago I went an one-day trip to Edinburgh to see the city and enjoy Fringe festival’s events.


After renting a car from Dundee we arrived in Edinburgh within 2 hours. Roads were  busy and it was raining a bit as well (a typical day in Scotland).


We parked the car around 1km before the city center and we started walking to the Calton hill. Although I’ve been in Edinburgh a lot of times it was the first time I would visit Calton hill. The way has a lot of stairs but you can have some rest to the grass when you arrive up to the hill. Calton hill gives you the opportunity to have a panoramic view of Edinburgh city. You don’t enjoy only the beautiful view but also the Political Martyrs’ Monument, and the National Monument. National Monument was intented to be another Parthenon but the construction stopped due to lack of money.

Around 22.00 we went to Espionage club to see Katerina Vrana’s stand-up comedy show. Show was about stereotypes and cultural differences between Greeks and British people. She’s a really good stand-up comedian and I didn’t get bored even for a moment!

"Feta with the Queen" - Katerina Vrana's stand-up  comedy show

“Feta with the Queen” – Katerina Vrana’s stand-up comedy show

Although it was quite late when show finished city was busy and musicians were playing in the roads.


Atmosphere was really great! It’s always great when I go to Edinburgh, this city reminds me  why I like Scotland ❤

Myself in front of National Monument , Calton hill

Myself in front of National Monument , Calton hill

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One thought on “Wee trip to Edinburgh

  1. Edinburgh is now my favorite city next to Paris and that is not because I loved Mary, Queen of Scots or that I obsessed Reign, this place has such wonderful monumental sites. I wish I can visit soon!

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